Sexual violence horrific

Sexual violence horrific The downfall of Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly — followed immediately by his receiving a $25 million severance and new podcast — shows how slick and impenetrable a powerful man can be. At the very least, her skin is much more vulnerable than the Teflon suit a high-profile abuser wears. People of faith might hope that churches would respond to victims with compassion, but that is often not the case. Like Amy, I published a memoir about rape last summer, but here’s the difference between us (OK, beside the fact that she’s a best-selling comic speaking to sold-out audiences): I was raped perfectly. […] while I was a perfectly innocent victim (wearing a flannel nightgown, asleep in my own bed on a Sunday night after attending church) the story is not a fable. The Rev. Ruth Everhart is pastor of Hermon Presbyterian Church in Bethesda, Md., and author of “Chasing the Divine in the Holy Land” and the spiritual memoir, “Ruined.”

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