Islanders News: OMG Weight said Tavares wants to win

Still another off day in the Stanley Cup final, which resumes Saturday. Unfortunately, the Pens are still involved. Islanders Reads Here’s how it works: Doug Weight gives a basic interview with quite intuitive and completely not newsworthy quotes (e.g. “We have to put John Tavares in position to win.”), and other media run with it as click-bait headline. [e.g. TSN]. FanRag Sports had more transcript and less OMG headline though. Dan dutifully updated our Tavares Free Agency (a Year From Now) Encyclopedia. Also in that update, Down Goes Brown rundown of 10 stars who could be part of a blockbuster. [Sportsnet] Worth a rerun, ‘cause they swept the Oilers: In praise of the 1982-83 Islanders as one

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