3 Amazing Bonus Offers at Deccan Rummy

Of all the online card games populating the internet, none comes close to online Rummy in terms of the excitement and entertainment value. It comes as no surprise that 13 card Indian rummy game remains as the most preferred card game in India. Of late, we have seen a big surge in the number people registering in online rummy sites. This may be because of the rampant TV advertisements, omnipresent Internet Ads and banners put up by several rummy sites all over Internet luring us with exciting offers into their world of online rummy.

Deccan Rummy is one of the authentic providers of online rummy in India. Known for hosting an invigorative gaming environment, we are rightly labelled as the truest rummy sensation. You can find almost all of the Indian variations here like Points Rummy, Deals Rummy and Pool Rummy and exemplary tournaments with sumptuous gifts. Whether you are an amateur or a professional player, the games we host can be played by anyone.

In addition to hosting exciting multiplayer games, Our USP has always been the offers & rummy promotions that we update periodically. As there are many sites to play online in India, we strive hard to come up with promotions that connect us with conducted around the release of the movie with movie ticket vouchers as prizes for winner. Not only was the tournament massively successful, it catapulted us to be a significant force to reckon in front of established bigwigs of the rummy industry. We announce promotions periodically after lot of groundwork and research. This gives us an idea of what players want and enables us to come up with promotions that are really helpful to them. We constantly strive to enhance player experience and engagement. Here, you can see some of the bonus offers currently available at Deccan Rummy.

As you introduce your friends to Deccan Rummy, you will get “Unlimited Lifetime Bonus”-10% of your friend’s winning fees as bonus amount for life. The referral bonus will get credited as referral points in your account. You can redeem at the rate of 10 Referral Points = Rs. 1. This is an unlimited bonus and gives you an opportunity to earn for life. No other site offers a promotion like this. Make it count by referring as many friends as possible.

Your first ever deposit is eligible for a 100 % bonus with the maximum bonus amount capped at Rs. 5000.00. Players who fund their account for the first time will receive twice as much as bonus. This bonus is instantly credited to your account and enables you to play many cash #rummygames and tournaments. It’s not just great, it is SUPER AWESOME!

3. 200 % Instant Deposit

This is an extraordinary rummy promotion that has become a permanent feature at Deccan Rummy owing to its huge success among our players. Your first deposit in a day could fetch you a bonus amount upto 200%. The bonus amount would be instantly credited to your Deccan Rummy amount. We are providing you the luxury of playing high stakes table by giving away this bonus amount. Deposit daily and play our high stakes cash rummy games with an authority.

These are some of the exciting bonus offers available at present at Deccan Rummy. So, make use of these awesome bonus offers and stock your account with huge cash. If you got a feedback on our bonus offers, feel free to mail us at support@deccanrummy.com. See you at the tables!