The amazing health benefits of coconut oil

There’s more to coconuts than meets the eye. Applied both topically and through ingestion, the oil from a coconut can help fend off viruses, maintain healthy blood-sugar levels, soften skin and hair and even help you lose the ol’ spare tire.

The possibilities are endless. Photo: Courtesy
The possibilities are endless. Photo: Dan Howard/Unsplash

And that’s just lightly tapping into all the powers of coconut oil. Read on for six surprising reasons to hail the coconut.

Coconut oil will help fight off illness

Studies have shown that daily intake of coconut oil may help your body defend itself from harmful viruses and bacteria that can cause sicknesses.

Try adding a dollop of coconut oil to your morning smoothie.

Coconut oil will give you younger-looking skin

While nothing can reverse the damage caused by too many trips to the tanning bed, coconut oil is made up of essential fatty acids that can help skin stay soft and maintain moisture.

Try swapping in coconut oil for your nightly moisturizer three times a week.

Coconut oil will keep your teeth clean

Just sink your teeth in. Photo: Courtesy of Creative Photo Corner/Unsplash
Just sink your teeth in. Photo: Courtesy of Creative Photo Corner/Unsplash

Baking soda is touted as a great all-natural toothpaste alternative, but it lacks the creamy consistency of store-bought formulas.

Mix a little coconut oil in with the baking soda; the oil is said to help prevent cavities thanks to its bacteria-fighting properties.

Coconut oil will stave off high cholesterol

Within coconut oil is lauric acid, a saturated fat said to increase the good type of HDL cholesterol in the blood, which can improve your cholesterol ratio levels as a whole.

Coconut oil will save dry hair

You don’t need a ton — trust us. Photo: Courtesy of sunny mama/Flickr

Instead of shelling out for pricey hair masks from the drugstore or beauty salon, coat your hair in a thick layer of coconut oil once a week. Sleep in the mask overnight, then rinse out in the morning. The fatty acids and softening oil properties will improve the condition of dry hair in a few weeks.

Coconut oil won’t burn on the stove

Swap out the butter and cooking spray for a tablespoon of coconut oil. It’s an extremely stable oil, meaning it can be heated to high temperatures without burning.

Make this simple switch and you’ll reap the benefits of this powerhouse product.