The Shocking Revealations About What Has Been Happening In Church Homes : News : Parent Herald

The former inhabitants of an ill-reputed adolescent home where the unprotected girls were given drugs and were harassed in the years of 1970, and also 1980 explained that they had constantly been living with
hallucinatory illusions and anomalies.

According to The Telegraph, punishments that were given to the girls when done something wrong in Kendall House Church was placing them nude in a long sleeved strong garment. The arms were confined together to show a prisoner and inject them with high doses of tranquillisers which made them feel cold and chilled and then placing them under icy cold water.

For almost twenty years, they were tortured and even raped. The now prelate of Rochester named Rev James had been really sorry for the behavior and the violence against women. He even sent an apology to them for what had been doing under the janitor called Doris who passed away.

Another report had been published which included the recollection of what used to happen inside by almost four women. One of the women reported to The WB News that she was first sent as a teen there and she remembers the frightened faces of girls locked in a room, and no one would try even to open the door because they knew the consequences could be utterly pathetic.

When she looked at the girls, they were all expressionless as if dead. One of the women knocked on the door, and she saw them inserting drugs into her body through the needle, which was the common punishment there.

She also added that the girls looked as strange as zombies, and then, she was unable to remember anything after this. The females also described seeing weird things surrounding them like wings and stuff. They were just hallucinating due to what had been injected in them. These true horrors that have been revealed have urged the authorities to have a closer look inside these monarchies.