Chilling timeline reveals final moments of Kim Jong-un’s playboy half-brother and how shocking airport assassination unfolded

THE playboy half-brother of North Korean tyrant Kim Jong-un has been killed in what appears to be a shockingly audacious assassination.

Sources have revealed shocking details about how his final moments unfolded at an airport in Malaysia on Monday.

Kim Jong-Nam, the eldest son of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il, has reportedly been killed. He is pictured here in 2010
A view of the clinic where Kim Jong Nam is believed to have been seen

At 9am Kim Jong-nam was reportedly attacked by two women as he approached a check-in desk at Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

The outspoken outcast was carrying fake identification as he crossed the concourse of the departure hall.

Malaysian police official Fadzil Ahmat said he had been at the airport’s budget terminal to catch a flight to Macau when someone grabbed or held his face from behind, after which he felt dizzy and sought help at an information desk.

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Another source said a women held a handkerchief over his face while an accomplice sprayed him with a chemical.

US sources have since suggested a fountain pen could have been used to administer deadly poison.

Kim Jong-nam reportedly sought help immediately, telling doctors he had been sprayed with a chemical and complaining his eyes were burning.

Police would later confirm that the eldest son of late North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il died on the way to hospital.

The woman was detained in the low-cost terminal of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Bernama reported, citing a deputy inspector general of police.

Deputy Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Noor Rashid Ibrahim told Malaysia’s Star that officers are also looking for “several more” suspects.

CCTV footage of the suspect, who cops say had a Vietnamese passport

Cops released this CCTV footage of a woman they want to question
Kim Jong-nam reportedly feared for his life after falling out of favour with Pyongyan


From the courtiers of Ancient Greece to Soviet spies and maybe now North Korean agents, poison has a long history as a weapon of murder, favoured by assassins for its stealthy delivery of the fatal blow. A would-be poisoner can choose from a catalogue of deadly chemicals, some of which are relatively easy to obtain. Ricin – naturally occurring in castor oil plant seeds – and thallium (rat poison) are notorious for their murderous properties. Arsenic delivers a slow and miserable death, while strychnine induces extreme body spasms as the victim’s respiratory system collapses. But “cyanide is the fastest killer and the easiest to detect, its pathology appears all over the body,” said Porntip Rojanasunan a forensic expert and adviser to Thailand’s Justice Ministry. She said the victim’s “bright red blood” in post-mortem is the telltale sign of a potential cyanide poisoning. Other chemicals such as potassium can cause “an extreme heart arrhythmia.. and can lead to a heart attack very quickly.” Slow-acting poisons may allow assailants to slink away from the crime scene undetected. But chemical compounds are not easy to store or handle and many carry a giveaway residue, smell or colour that makes them hard to conceal, Porntip added.

South Korean intelligence believes Kim Jong-nam was poisoned, lawmakers in South Korea’s capital, Seoul, have said.

Kim Jong-nam had previously spoken out against his family’s control of the secretive state.

“The cause of death is strongly suspected to be a poisoning attack,” said South Korean lawmaker Kim Byung-kee, who was briefed by the spy agency.

Jong-nam pictured with his father Kim-Jong-il
He is the half-brother of tyrant Kim Jong-Un, pictured
Kim Jong-Un’s half-brother Kim Jong-Nam ‘assassinated by poisoned needles’
A hospital ambulance believed to be carrying the body of Kim Jong-nam leaves the morgue at Putrajaya hospital

AP:Associated Press

The North Korean embassy in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia is one of the few nations on friendly terms with the hermit nation

A US government source said America also strongly believes North Korean agents carried out the killing.

There has long been speculation that China has been protecting Kim Jong-nam as a potential future North Korean leader if anything happened to Kim Jong-un.

He went into hiding in Malaysia after the execution of his uncle Jang Song-thaek in 2014.

He is the son of Song Hye-rim, an actress believed to have been a mistress of Kim Jong-il, who reportedly died in Moscow in 2012.

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