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It is a double win situation to eat healthy and like the taste of that healthy food. Mostly we love the spices and herbs that make the food tastier and actually have no side effects.

Such herbs we use every day resolve many health issues. An example for this is the oregano that fights bacteria. Also, the turmeric in Indian recipes, it helps with asthma and joint problems.

But eating a pizza topped with such spices is not a good thing as you thought. Herbs have to be taken in a healthy way to get health benefits, not just taste. Don’t take pills or junk food to get benefit of the herbs. With pills for example, no matter how much you take, the body still requires natural ingestion of nutrients.

Herbal teas are always a good choice, but also with them you can take the supplement. Below we give you 6 herbs better than supplements that must be on the kitchen shelves.

Why is good? It protects the heart and many studies have shown that people with atherosclerosis that ate garlic reduced the strange plaque in the arteries and this was stated by Mark Blumenhal. He was the founder and executive of the American Botanical Council of Austin, Texas. Garlic lowers the LDL bad cholesterol and raises the HDL the good one, also lowers hypertension and prevents a stroke. Less plaque is less chances of artery pieces breaking and healthy heart walls. Best form and dose: to have healthy arteries you need 300 mg garlic powder three times daily.

Caveats: For those that take Aspirin or warafin all the time, don’t get the garlic powder. It will thin out the blood. Also, before a surgery, stop with the garlic 2 weeks ahead, advises James Snow, the head of the herbal division branch in the health program Tai Sophia Institute, Laurel, Maryland.


Why is good? It reduces nausea in natural ways and its root has a good flavor. Some researchers shown it is good for morning sickness and chemo nausea and in some studies it was claimed to be even better than Dramamine for travel motion nausea.
best form and dose: for the traveling nausea take 500 mg of this powder half an hour before a travel and then every 4 hour before the travel ends. You can even make an infusion (steeping tea for 15 minutes) in which you just add 1 ¼ to 1 gram ginger in boiling water and sip 3 times daily.

Caveats: never take more than 2 grams ginger daily for pregnant women and if you have heartburns, use food with it.