Mums and dads reveal the lies they tell their kids… as well as the shocking reasons why

MOST parents will tell their kids the odd ‘little white lie’ as a way to get around awkward topics or complicated explanations.

However, some parents go to far more shocking lengths when it comes to bending the truth.

One mum lets her little girl believe that she’s ‘Instagram famous’

In confessions shared on a new thread on secret sharing app, Whisper, mums and dads have revealed the most shocking lies they have told their little-ones.

Many mothers admitted that they had fibbed about having urgent plans as an excuse to force people into babysitting.

One mum wrote: “I lied and said I had an interview just to get my mum to watch my daughter for a few hours.”

Many mums just wanted a bit of ‘me’ time

Another mother said: “I lied that I’m working tomorrow so I can drop off my kids, skip the family time and have a ‘me’ day.”

In other darker confessions, some mothers revealed the reasons they gave their kids for their fathers not coming back after a break up.

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One mum explained: “When my ex-husband left and never came back I told my kids he was a secret agent away on a mission. I write letters from him once a month and mail them to the kids.”

Another heartbreaking post read: “I told my son that daddy will be home soon and he got all excited. He passed away a month ago. I’m not strong enough to say that again to our son.”

Some mums just need space
Some lied about more stressful matters
Many mums just wanted their kids to be happy

Other parents made excuses for their other-halves to protect their kids from some of the shadier sides of adult life.

One woman said: “I lied to my son and told him daddy ate bad food, I didn’t want him to know his daddy was drunk.”

Some parents even shared the things that they had sacrificed in order to look after their kids.

Many mums hid their struggles
Some lied on behalf of their partners
Some of the reasons given are heartbreaking
Some reasons were pretty clever

One parent said: “My kids don’t know that I go without eating sometimes so they have enough.”

Another said: “My children don’t know that we are on welfare and that Christmas comes from donated toys.”

Another mum touchingly added: “My daughter doesn’t know that when I drove her to college I got lost on purpose just to spend more time with her.”

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