As Ed Balls loses a STONE on Strictly Come Dancing, we reveal the most shocking reality TV show transformations

FROM fitness DVDs, to dodgy diets, celebs are always looking for quick ways to lose weight.

But judging from the astounding weight loss achieved through some of the most popular reality TV shows, the answer is right under their noses.

Ed Balls has lost almost a stone since taking part in Strictly Come Dancing

Talking about his wife Yvette Cooper’s reaction, the former Shadow Chancellor admitted: “Every day I say, ‘what do you think?’ and she says, ‘Oh yes, it’s making a difference.’

“It’s one of the main reasons [I wanted to do the show] other than having a good time.”

The politician has only been on the show for a few weeks
Ed Balls and Katya dance the Samba to ‘Cuban Pete’ on Strictly Come Dancing Movie Week

Unsurprisingly, Ed isn’t the only one.

From Splash, to Bear Grylls’ Celebrity Island, many participating stars have undergone amazing transformations over the years.

Dancing on Ice

Many stars who have taken part in the reality TV show have managed to change their bodies.

But while some TV shows leave the celebs nearly starving to death, the intense workouts on Dancing on Ice instead gave the ice-skating stars particularly muscular physiques.

Suzanne Shaw admitted she became more muscular from dancing

But some celebs are never happy and competitor Suzanne Shaw admitted that her changed figure left her feeling less confident than usual.

“I do feel tighter, toned and fitter. My legs and my bum have toned up but maybe not in the way I would like.

“I want them to be slim, not chunky, but that’s what happens when I train. My muscles build quite quickly because I have an athletic body.”

Jorgie Porter toned up during her time on the show

Jorgie Porter also buffed up her bod on the show in 2012, but luckily she was pleased with what she saw.

“I feel more curvy and womanly,” the former Hollyoaks star said.

“I’m loving having a bit more of a bum and my boyfriend James likes it too.

Jorgie Porter in skate shape

“I am usually a size six and it can be a pain because not everywhere does small sizes. I fit into children’s sizes and bought a jumper for a 12-13 year old the other day. Thankfully, now I’m more like a size eight.”


The diving show may not be as drastic as the others, but it certainly helped Nicole Eggert to slim down.

Nicole Eggert revealed how her gruelling regime on Splash helped her shape up
Nicole Eggert back on Baywatch

“[It] helped me build muscle,” she later explained.

“It was really hard, every day, six-to-eight hours a day of gymnastics, trampoline work and diving. But it did wonders for my body.”

Strictly Come Dancing

Countless stars have put their slimmed down figures down to their hectic training regimes on the dancing show.

As well as Ed, other stars who benefitted from practising the cha-cha-cha include Mark Wright, who managed to shed a stone and a half in 2014, and Nancy Dell’Olio, who claims she dropped to a size four in 2011.

Mark Wright shows off the results of his Strictly regime on Instagram
Mark Wright gags as he eats a pig’s anus for an I’m A Celeb bush tucker trial

It was reported that Sven-Goran Eriksson’s ex told pals at the time: “I can fit into my eight-year-old niece’s clothes.”

Shaking your hips to lose weight? Sounds alright to us!

Nancy Dell’olio reluctantly lost weight during her time on Strictly Come Dancing

I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

A diet of beans, rice and gruesome creepy-crawlies is unsurprisingly low in calories.

While some stars haven’t lasted a week on the limited diet (Gemma Collins, we’re looking at you), others took a grin-and-bear-it approach.

An already slim Joey Essex shed a shocking stone and a half in just three weeks in 2013, leaving him looking painfully thin.

Joey Essex was slim before he entered the jungle, but lost over a stone
Joey Essex fears croc-filled Bushtucker Trial

Meanwhile series 7 winner Christopher Biggins, who was 18 stone when he entered the jungle, lost two stone on the show.

News Group Newspapers Ltd

Christopher Biggins was two stone lighter when he won the show
Christopher Biggins Arrives in Camp

Michael Buerk also sparked concern as he appeared so frail towards his final days in the jungle.

His wife expressed her concern for his wellbeing at the time, saying: “I was quite concerned.

Michael Buerk appeared startlingly thin in the jungle

“He was quite slim when he arrived. I was trying to encourage him to build up before coming out here, which he didn’t do.”

A diet of bugs clearly has an effect, but we won’t be trying it anytime soon!

Bear Grylls’ Celebrity Island

With limited food and water, ten celebrities were pushed to their limits on the adventurer’s survival show, losing a shocking 20 stone between them in the process.

But perhaps the most drastic change could be spotted on Ollie Locke, who shed two and a half stone during his time on the island.

Ollie Locke looked painfully thin after finishing the show

“When I left the island I was under nine stone,” he later said.

“I was 11.5 when we started.”

Towie’s Lydia Bright feared her life would end on Bear Grylls show The Island

Ollie Locke shows harrowing weight loss after losing two-and-a-half stone on Celebrity Island

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“At times we thought: ‘We are going to die!'”

Don’t try this at home, kids!

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