REPORT – Sheriff Clarke Just Got THIS Amazing News from President-Elect Donald Trump

America’s sheriff, David Clarke, may have been given some exciting news. The Wisconsin sheriff may soon be headed to Washington with Donald Trump!

Many rumors are swirling around the comings and goings at Trump Tower. The latest appears to indicate Sheriff David Clarke might be getting tapped for the Department of Homeland Security.

According to the , the no-nonsense, blunt, law and order conservative will likely have a key role in the Donald Trump administration. Clarke was one of the featured speakers at the Republican National Convention in July.

If this is true, Sheriff David Clarke would be intricately involved in carrying out Trump’s national security agenda along the southern border with Mexico. If deportations and wall building are going to occur, the Department of Homeland Security will play an active role in accomplishing those important tasks.

David Clarke has not been shy about commenting on the ongoing anti-Trump protests engaged in by millennials and liberals. He showed the same lack of intolerance for lawless nonsense during the Black Lives Matter riots in Ferguson and Baltimore.

“I’m a pretty tough cop, but a country run by these entitled, coddled, petulant snowflakes makes me cringe. We saw what happens to this everyone-gets-a-trophy generation when the real world, in the form of a Donald Trump victory, makes them confront reality. They absolutely crumble,” Sheriff Clarke said to the .

The possible DHS secretary said the “simpering, whimpering kids” who are out protesting Donald Trump’s win are the future of America if law and order are cast aside. “So despite the mandate for America’s future to continue under and for the Constitution, we will have to deal with the fact that a separate, deadbeat culture has been bubbling alongside America’s,” David Clarke continued.

If Sheriff David Clarke is put at the head of the Department of Homeland Security, the federal agency’s politically correct protocols will likely be thrown out on day one. Radical Islamist terrorists will be called by their rightful name under a Secretary Clarke.

“The other aspect of the rioting that I find incredible is the reference to our First Amendment right to protest. First, rioting is not constitutionally protected, and second is that the same people rioting have as their objective to undermine the rule of law while trampling that same Constitution that they see as illegitimate because it was, as they describe, crafted by a bunch of white colonial conquerors,” Sheriff Clarke also said.

Securing the homeland may mean the DHS will help enable police officers do their jobs when faced with violent rioting. Dedicated local heroes often appear hampered by department brass who are afraid to invoke liberal angst if they clear the streets, stop looting, and charge rioters with destruction of public or private property.

Liberals were quick to call the black Muslim man who killed Dallas police officers a homegrown or domestic terrorist. The officers were protecting the protesters when they lost their lives in Texas earlier this year.

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