Beyond Vengeance: Shocking Irresistible Exciting Thriller by Larry Igbon

About Beyond Vengeance: Shocking Irresistible Exciting Thriller by Larry Igbon:

BEYOND VENGEANCEBone-Chilling Murders.  A serial killer bent on revenge for the eradication of a vicious crime family.Mystery, Murder, and Intrigue seem to follow the young man in the black suit. Dubbed Mystery Detective, he slithers through the streets of Manchester, leaving a growing tally of bodies in his wake.A vital clue enables the GMP to uncover secrets from the crime family’s violent past. A lead? Possibly. Certainly, a puzzle with several pieces missing.Meanwhile, horrifying acts continue to spread fear and terror through the city.DCI Beverley Holland has committed her team to find the murderer, and end the killing spree.The mysterious man in black is tough,focused, and relentless. No problem. So is Bev Holland, and she has vowed to take down this killer, once and for all.Fast-paced, exciting action from start to finish. A must-read for lovers of high-octane, crime thrillers.BEYOND VENGEANCE, A KILLER of a THRILLER.

Author Bio:
About the Author.

Larry Igbon was born, raised and still lives in Manchester, England. He holds a third Dan grade in Shotokan Karate, and was a martial arts instructor for many years.

He has been a scuba diver for several years and is a member of the local sub aqua club in his home town of Urmston.

He has worked previously as a Revenue Executive, Financial Planning Consultant, Mortgage Adviser and Insurance Department Supervisor for a local charity.

In addition to writing: he enjoys reading, the theatre, High Intensity Interval Training, sprinting, Tabata training, swimming, cycling and playing guitar.

The books he prefers to read are action stories and crime thrillers; he also likes to write in this genre.

He recently completed his new spy novel, Project G, coming soon on Amazon.