Mum discovers her fiance was ‘having an affair’ with her best mate after they sent her a shocking video of them together

A MUM was devastated after finding out the father of her child told her he’d been having an affair with her BEST FRIEND behind her back, after they bonded over their love of Minecraft.

Roxanne Bamber-Wilson, 19, claims the couple sent her cruel footage of the two of them together, in which her former fiance allegedly told her the sex was “much better” with her mate.

Roxanne Bamber-Wilson was heartbroken after Dan Henshaw sent her the cruel video of him and her best friend

She alleged that he confessed they’d been carrying on while she was pregnant and added that their children would be “far better looking” than their daughter, Olivia.

Though the pair later claimed the nasty videos were merely a “wind up”.

Roxanne, from Lancaster, told how she’d thought Dan Henshaw, 23, was the best thing to ever happen to her.

But though she was smitten, she was desperate to get best friend Finlay Barrett’s seal of approval.

“We’d grown up together so her opinion meant a lot to me,” Roxanne explained.

“When she said she liked him it was the cherry on the cake, and after six months Dan moved in with me and my mum. I’d never been happier.”

Roxanne and Fin had grown up together and were best mates

Roxanne was thrilled that Dan and Fin got on so well, having discovered they shared a love of computer games.

She explained: “The three of us became inseparable and every day Dan and I would make the three-mile journey to Fin’s house so they could play Minecraft together.

“They hardly ever let me have a go and I felt like a bit of a spare part. But I couldn’t complain that Dan loved Fin as much as I did.”

Then, after a year together, Roxanne fell pregnant.

She admitted: “I was still so young, I didn’t know how I’d cope with a baby when I was barely an adult myself.

“But Dan was delighted and said he’d always wanted to be a dad.

“He told me we’d make it work and that he wanted us to be a family and have a proper future together. We even agreed to get married.

When Roxanne fell pregnant, she claimed Dan said they could make things work

“However, Dan didn’t seem to grasp the reality of the situation. We should have been buying clothes and equipment for the baby, picking out names and talking about what sort of parents we’d be.

“Instead, Dan was more interested in Minecraft – and Fin.

“I loved that my fiance and best friend got on so well, but with our little one on the way, I longed for Dan to focus on me and our expanding family.”

When Dan would still insist on their daily three-mile walks to Fin’s house, even while Roxanne was heavily pregnant, she told how alarm bells started to ring.

Then, when their baby daughter was born in December 2014, Roxanne said Dan left her alone in the maternity ward to play computer games with her friend.

She explained: “I needed him. I had no idea what I was doing, if I was feeding Olivia correctly or if I’d even got her nappy on the right way round.

Roxanne told how alarm bells started to ring when Dan seemed to want to spend all his time with Fin

“I thought Dan and I would muddle along together – instead, he’d gone straight to Fin’s.

“I called him several times from my hospital bed and left messages, but Dan was too busy having fun with my best friend.”

Four months later, in April 2015, Dan and Roxanne got their own council flat together.

Roxanne said: “I couldn’t wait for us to be a proper family. It would be a fresh start.

“But Dan changed almost immediately. He grew controlling and became snappy with me over the silliest things.

“He wouldn’t even give me a hand with the shopping.

“In time, he grew distant and left me at home holding the baby while he went off to Fin’s to play computer games.

“I didn’t want to believe anything was going on between them but it just didn’t stack up.

Roxanne, right, said she was happy Dan and Fin, left, got on, but worried about how close they had become

“Neither of them seemed particularly interested in Olivia – or me – and would much rather spend their days together in front of a computer screen.”

When the arguing became too much, Roxanne ended things with Dan in November 2015.

She admitted: “I was adamant our relationship was finished but Dan was still the father of my child, and our split still hurt.”

But nothing could have prepared Roxanne for what happened next.

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“I was trying to get my head around our break-up when a few days later, a video message popped up on my phone,” she claimed.

“Instantly I recognised the footage was of Dan and Fin. Intrigued, I pressed play.

“Dan said the sex was great and that Fin was much better in bed than me.

“As video after video was sent through to my phone, I watched in horror as they taunted me, telling me they were now in a relationship.

“Dan said he had fallen for Fin the very first time he met her and even went on to say their kids would be far better looking than our daughter.

Roxanne said Dan and Fin taunted her in the videos, claiming their sex was great

“The double betrayal was almost too much to bear. My worst fears had been confirmed.

“I didn’t have the stomach to confront either of them after that, but I know I’m better off without them.

“I’m not in touch with either of them now and Dan doesn’t have anything to do with Olivia. Those rats are welcome to each other.”

In response, Dan said: “Roxanne was always paranoid about me and Fin, but nothing happened with Fin until after I’d split with Roxanne.

“I was drunk when we made those videos, I told her I was cheating to wind her up. We (Dan and Fin) slept together one night.”

Fin added: “Roxanne was always convinced I was sleeping with Danny, but I’m a lesbian and I don’t find him attractive.

“The videos were just a joke.”

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