‘Dishevelled’ EastEnders star Shane Richie warns The One Show host Michelle Ackerley he’s married as she compliments his appearance in funny chat

EASTENDERS star Shane Richie had to remind The One Show host Michelle Ackerley he’s married during his appearance tonight, after she complimented his dishevelled appearance in a funny chat.

The 52-year-old star was on the show to talk about his upcoming acting roles, and his appearance sparked a wide-spread Twitter debate online.

Shane Richie looked shocked with the comments
The One Show’s Michelle Ackerley gets flirty with Shane Richie

But while many fans weren’t so sure about the stubble, Michelle appeared impressed as she said: “You’re still looking good Shane.”

Not missing he beat, he quickly joked back: “Back off I’m married.”

His quick response got a laugh from both hosts, and it sent Twitter once again into meltdown.

Many fans were impressed too, as one wrote: “Shane Richie’s eyebrows thou.”

Michelle complimented her guest’s appearance

Shane Richie’s eyebrows thou 👌🏼

While another added: “Looking particularly….. lovely tonight.”

But some weren’t so sure, as another viewer even claimed Shane looked tired out on the show.

The star, who is married to wife Christie, has been bust filming EastEnders spin-off show Redwater in recent months.

Michelle Ackerley joked around with the actor

Back in 2009, the Celebrity Big Brother contestant appeared on The Paul O’Grady Show to promote her autobiography and admitted her shame over the revelation she made in the book that she was the first one to have an affair.

Coleen Nolan opened up about her own affair during her marriage to Shane Richie in a 2009 interview
Coleen and Shane were married from 1990 to 1997 before divorcing in 1999

Speaking to the host, Coleen said: “That was really hard, and that was the part of the book where I thought, ‘Oh I don’t know if I’m ready to tell this’ because I’m ashamed of it.

“I don’t go ‘oh guess what I strayed first’ I was ashamed of it there was reasons for it but there’s no excuses for it.”

Coleen was married to former EastEnders actor Shane from 1990 until 1997, with their divorce being finalised in 1999.

Coleen admitted she was the first to cheat in her autobiography and spoke about it on the Paul O’Grady Show

The 51-year-old left Shane after discovering he had had an affair, but she admits he wasn’t the only one at fault in their relationship.

When Paul suggested it was loneliness at the time which drove her to seek comfort in the arms of another man, Coleen replied: “I think it was at that time yeah but even so there’s no excuse for it.

Coleen revealed Shane had bugged her phone
Coleen Nolan admits being the first to cheat during her marriage to Shane Richie

“I shouldn’t have done it, it was awful, it caused masses of heartbreak.

“Having said that, when it happened and we got through it, we had the best two years after that.”

Coleen admitted she was ashamed of her actions

The host then asked how Shane, 52, discovered her deceit, and Coleen revealed he had bugged her phone.

She said: “He was obviously suspicious and unfortunately I wasn’t clever enough to do that to him, that’s why it took me two years to find out about him.”



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Shane has also been honest about his behaviour during their marriage

Asked how she knew he was being unfaithful, Coleen said she just sensed it in her gut.

She explained: “I think when you’ve been with someone that long you can just sense it and I sensed it from day one I just didn’t have any proof of it and I wasn’t going to throw away a whole marriage on a gut instinct.

“Now I would because I would trust my gut instinct but it took me about a good year to find out, that I wasn’t going mad, and then another year to pluck up the courage to leave.”

Coleen Nolan admits being the first to cheat during her marriage to Shane Richie