Man buys Windows 98-era laptop for £4 and discovers it has a Star Trek-inspired interface and glossary of hilarious Australian slang


Man buys Windows 98-era laptop for £4 and discovers it has a Star Trek-inspired interface and glossary of hilarious Australian slang

The old computer, launched 20 years ago, also featured an incredible collection of classic games


A MAN could hardly believe his luck when he discovered a treasure trove of classic games and glossary of Australian slang on this bargain $5 laptop.

The buyer wasn’t even expecting the IBM Thinkpad 365XD, originally launched in 1996, to still be working after buying it online.

The buyer wasn’t even expecting the cheap laptop to work so he was stunned when he found it had this eye-catching Star Trek interface
What a ripper purchase! The machine even featured this amusing glossary of Aussie slang including the term ‘ankle biter’ which means ‘small child’
As the laptop which was launched 20 years ago had no mouse control, the buyer had to navigate using the F1 to F12 keys
The machine originally thought the date was February 2008 but the buyer managed to bring up the correct current calendar for January 2017
Another bonus for the buyer was the tile-matching puzzle video game Tertris designed in the 1980s
The device featured a treasure trove of other classic games like classic games like PacMan, Solitaire, Chess and Crossword
This Solar System feature shows the coordinates of planets – but the man wasn’t quite sure how to operate it
The buyer took to social media to share his surprise at what he discovered on the old Windows laptop

The man, who goes by the name chrisman01 , shared the remarkable purchase on Imgur

Instead he found after loading the machine it boasted Windows 98 and featured an incredible Star Trek-inspired user interface called LCARS.

Mirror Online reports the interface had no mouse support, meaning he had to navigate using the F1-F12 and number keys.



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And the unexpected gem included Windows 98 and DOS Freeware in the shape of classic games like PacMan, Tetris, Solitaire, Chess and Crossword.

The buyer’s delight grew when he unearthed its bizarre glossary of Australian slang, featuring gems like “Amber fluid: beer”, “Ankle biter: small child” and “B*stard: term of endearment”.

The machine also threw up unexpectedly a solar system game.

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