Woman who was kidnapped and ‘chained like a dog’ inside shipping container by serial killer Todd Kohlhepp speaks about horrific two-month ordeal

A WOMAN who was kidnapped and “chained like a dog” inside a large metal container claims her captor raped her “twice a day, every day” and warned that if she tried to run, he would kill her.

Kala Brown, 30, who was held captive by serial killer Todd Kohlhepp, 54, for two months, has bravely opened up about her horrific ordeal for the first time since her November 3 rescue last year.

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Kala Brown told Dr Phil this week that her captor Tod Kohlhepp raped her “twice a day, every day”

The container which held Kala for two months as captor Todd Kohlhepp subjected her to a hellish ordeal

Kala Brown tells Dr Phil speaks about her abductor serial killer Todd Kohlhepp

Kala had been missing for since August last year with her boyfriend Charlie Carver, 32.

Todd Kohlhepp, 45, was arrested on November 3, 2016 after Kala Brown was found chained up inside a metal storage container

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Kohlhepp’s victim Kala Brown and her boyfriend, who the real estate agent is accused of killing
Gruesome … officials recover the remains of Kohlhepp’s alleged victims from his ranch in Woodruff, South Carolina

Speaking to Dr Phil, Kala revealed Kohlhepp warned that if she tried to run or hurt him, he would kill her.

She said: “He let me know if I tried to hurt him, he’d kill me. If I fought back, he would kill me. And then he raped me. He would rape me twice a day, every day.

“He told me as long as I served my purpose, I was safe”.

Kala said she and her boyfriend had gone to Kohlhepp’s property in August last year to help him clear some underbrush.

She said she had cleaned houses for him previously to prepare them for sale.

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Serial killer Kohlhepp arrives in court after confessing to seven murders that spanned over 13 years

After the couple followed him to a two-story garage, Kohlhepp handed them hedge clippers and bottles of water.

Kala said Kohlhepp needed to get something inside but came out “shooting”.

She said, Kohlhepp shot Charles Carver three times in the chest.

Kala said Kohlhepp told her he killed Carver because “it was easier to control someone if you took someone they loved”.

He then gagged Kala and handcuffed her ankles and wrists.

She said Kohlhepp took her to a “pitch black”, 30-foot-long storage container nearby, chained her by the neck in a back corner and raped her.


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Kala recalled how he took her to the garage twice a day, where she ate, used the bathroom and was allowed to bathe every other day using a washcloth and a small plastic bowl of water.

But she was never unchained saying: “He would put more chains on before he took other chains off.”

She believed Kohlhepp was infatuated with her and didn’t want to kill her, even saying he would let her go and give her money “if he ever got old and sick”.

He twice let her see parts of the property beyond the garage and container, including once chained to a four-wheeler.

She said: “I had been in a dark, small, enclosed space and couldn’t move more than a few feet. I was thrilled to be outdoors.”

When Kala heard people talking outside the container the morning of November 3, she started “screaming and hitting the walls”.

She said: “I knew my family would never stop looking, but he was so careful, I couldn’t see how I could be found so soon. I was scared it really wasn’t happening.

“And when they finally got the door open and I saw the police uniforms, I was relieved.”

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History of violence … an old Wanted poster seeking help in identifying Kohlhepp following Superbike murders in 2003

Authorities say her rescue helped them solve seven killings in the area dating back 13 years.

Kohlhepp confessed to the 2003 killing of four people after cops granted him several requests, including letting him speak to his mother.

Kohlhepp, 45, faces murder, kidnapping and weapons charges.

He is not charged with sexual assault.

A spokesmen for the sheriff and prosecutor declined to address the rape allegations or whether more charges are forthcoming. His attorney did not return messages.

Todd Kohlhepp has confessed to the 2003 killing of four people in a bike shop

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