‘Don’t call unless the store burns down or blows up’: Boss leaves hilarious holiday note for staff


‘Don’t call unless the store burns down or blows up’: Boss leaves hilarious holiday note for staff

The boss, known as ‘D’ said he would go into a blind rage if his phone rang in Mexico

By Caroline McGuire, Digital Travel Editor

Nobody likes to think about work while on holiday, so it’s easy to sympathise with a boss known as ‘D’, who left his employees a hilarious note warning them not to call him while he was vacationing in Mexico.

The lengthy note, which was left in the stock room of the store, advises that the only time anyone should try to reach him is if the shop is “burned down, blown up or washed away.”

A boss left this note for his employees before a 10-day holiday to Mexico

The message was shared by an employee who saw the funny side of the joke on the online forum Reddit.

It starts: “Picture me standing on a balcony overlooking the Gulf Of Mexico – the sugar sand beaches, cup of coffee in my hand and the sun on my face.

“My wife lounges in a patio chair leisurely reading a book.”

It then goes on to describe the angry reaction that would occur if he catches sight of an employee popping up on his caller ID.


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The message continues: “Picture me pitching my cell phone from my beachfront balcony all the way into the briny depths of Davy Jones’s locker.

“Then picture a squid using that phone to call all his buddies long distance in the Pacific and running up my phone bill.”

He ends the note with the advice: “Don’t call me unless the store was burned down, blown up or washed away.”