6 Amazing Uses for Cucumber You Might Not Have Heard of


People are always discovering, or re-discovering, the all-around usefulness of natural products. There are many herbs, fruits, and vegetables that serve more than one function, replacing expensive and toxic chemicals. The common cucumber is one such all-purpose secret weapon to have on hand.

Clare Delaney, eco-expert at ecofriendlylink.com, shared this post about six little-known uses for cucumber. They’re not just for salads anymore! You’ll be surprised at how they can help you around the house and with your own well-being. We’re not talking about the classic slices-on-the-eyelids trick, either. Everyone knows that one. She heads into new territory with this article. At the end, she also discusses whether it’s a good idea to buy shrink-wrapped cucumbers–and the answer may surprise you. Uncover 6 secret uses for cucumber when you click the link below.

6 Uses for Cucumber you Haven’t Heard of