23 Bizarre Old Photos That’ll Make You Wonder WTF Was Going On Back Then

#1. Life was simpler back in the day, with kids allowed to chew on their lead-coated pencils all day long.

#2. And inventions like this baby cage hundreds of feet high seemed like a great idea.

#3. In fact, they were pretty big on hanging babies off anything really, like their parents.

#4. Or between bikes. Look how much fun this little girl’s having!

#5. Or how about this home sun bed to tan while you sleep?

#6. This handy device will help anyone on their way to being a (literal) chain smoker.

#7. Who doesn’t want to wear a wooden bathing suit?

#8. The race to be airbourne lead to numerous lunatics attaching wings to themselves and leaping off cliffs.

#9. The more wings the better.

#10. Really.

#11. This handy robot shaving assistant definitely isn’t a horrific accident waiting to happen.

#12. Someone decided it was time for “auto polo” to become America’s national sport.

#13. And in 1958, Ford completely lost it and invented this atomic car.

#14. This girl had a cuddly pet cheetah.

#15. Safe driving came second to fresh coffee.

#16. This lady could read your mind with her trendy hat.

#17. And hitchhikers had this super safe way to travel.

#18. Going to the salon looked like a scene out of The Matrix.

#19. And this lady had an exciting Thanksgiving using her infra-red turkey cooker.

#20. Nothing to see here, just a toddler smoking a cigar in the yard.

#21. Then there’s this totally practical 10-person bicycle.

#22. The future of fire safety came in the form of asbestos suits.

#23. And this guy found a clever way to make his bike go REALLY fast.

We’re glad these bizarre ideas and inventions are safely in the history books and not in the real world.